Customer Testimonials

Make us your first choice for a full figured wedding dress and let us provide you the  postive Bride experience you deserve.

I came in with my friend who booked the appointment not expecting to try anything on. However, she insisted that I try them on as I am getting married in May. So, I figured why not.
Honestly, the whole wedding dress shopping experience was giving me such anxiety before because of my size. But to my surprise, I have never been so comfortable in my life. And I even found my dress!
Thank you so much for your help and making me a happy bride! I can't wait until October to get my dress.

S Koshynsky


I was so excited for the whole dress shopping experience with my mom and my bridesmaids as it is something I've always dreamed about. We started at a few of the bigger, more popular shops and were disappointed beyond belief. Whether it be not enough seating for everyone, or not allowing us to look on the racks ourselves, or rushing us out the door cause our time was was just frustrating. Then we got to Hourglass Bridal Boutique and Danika was SO friendly and accommodating. It was by far the best experience we had. And the dresses she has are gorgeous!

S Miller,

AMAZING experience. I cannot say enough about how great Danika was in helping my mom to find the PERFECT mother of the bride dress. We had searched and searched and there was nothing out there and all the other bridal stores didn't seem to have dresses that fit curves. Finally my mom and I found hourglass bridal and what a blessing! My mom not only found the most beautiful dress for my wedding day but she also found a second dress for another wedding she is attending later this year. I highly highly recommend hourglass bridal boutique.

D Filkow,

What a great shop! Someone FINALLY figured out that most women are NOT a size 0! Great selection of gowns for the curvy bride and excellent service.

M Simonovic

I just bought my BEAUTIFUL dress today and I'm over the moon! It was such an easy process, and it was everything I had dreamed and more! Danika was so, so friendly and made the whole experience something I'll never forget! I could go on and on about how wonderful it was! The store is gorgeous! The gowns are all so beautiful! It was so easy and nice to be able to fit into any gown that I liked! Did I mention Danika wqas so nice?!! If you are thinking about going here for your special dress PLEASE DO, you will 100% not regret it.

N Brost

A fantastic store with expert service. They carry Gather & Gown bridesmaids.

D Wash

Who goes into a bridal shop, puts on dress number 1 and falls in love with it? This girl does! Me and my MOH had such a good time and I was really comfortable. Thank you for making me feel like a princess and helping me find my perfect dress. Can't wait to get it!

M Smith

Danika made the experience so amazing. She was very professional and personable. Her selection was suitec to a variety of styles and
body types. I would reccommend that anyone looking for a dress stop in to see her!

N Szakaly

 A petite lady with a plus sized heart of gold. I think Danika is pursuing an exceptionally noble cause by creating a very body positive experience for curvier brides. She is very down to earth and extremely professional. While her curated selection is smaller than larger general bridal stores, she has a very keen eye for what works on a bride and her years of experience in the industry shows. She has some truly stunning pieces that she's handpicked herself. Her prices are also very modest for a boutique store too, not a huge leap up from bigger stores at all. I wish her the best of luck and hope Hourglass Bridal is around for years to come.

R Ziel

Absolutely perfect experience. Danika is a dream to work with. She made our bride feel beautiful and listened to exactly what hee needs and wants were. Excellent pricing and extremely professional yet welcoming and warm reception.

T Sauers

We were at this shop today and found the perfect dress. The owner was friendly and knowledgeable, there was a really nice selection of styles, plus sizes and prices to choose from, and there were no high pressure sales tactics. I would definitely recommend this shop.

Milena S